Escort Ayia Napa – we will help to solve all arising problems!

Escort Ayia Napa

Escort Ayia Napa – we will help to solve all arising problems!

Escort Ayia NapaThe Escort Ayia Napa model with which you should spend several days or weeks in a romantic situation in the fashionable resort has to be not just ideally beautiful and charming in any situation (after a shower or in night club), but also to be pleasant to you. Personal compatibility, mutual sympathy is that it is more important than some parameters of a figure or knowledge. Specifics of such trip lead to the fact that with the Escort Ayia Napa girl then develop closer from the relation therefore at the choice it is necessary to show consideration for what tells you heart, but not mind.

Important!: In case of incorrect behavior of the Escort Ayia Napa girl at timely notifications of escort agency or force majeur circumstances – we will return money!
On an extent of all trip your personal manager it will be constant in touch and will help to solve all arising problems.
Discounts are provided at regular cooperation (more than 2 times), departure by the big company (more than 2 models), a long trip (from above the 5th are invited days).

Casting with Escort Ayia Napa.

You have to choose the future companion from Escort Ayia Napa. For this purpose we suggest to use service of a casting. That at a personal meeting to solve what of the girls who have attracted on a photo will go with you to a trip to you is necessary:

– to pay carrying out a casting (these are about 100-500 euro (depending on the number of the invited girls and their level the sum can change). Depending on your requirements to future companion the agency itself invites to a casting of several girls who surely will be pleasant to you. For the best organization it is better to select the invited girls in 1-2 days. An action at restaurant it is necessary to spend for carrying out in addition. After you have made a choice, it is necessary to confirm it in the agency, to make an advance payment which is the girl’s fee.


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