Expensive Escorts. TOP 10 The Most Expensive Escorts In The World.

Expensive Escorts. TOP 10 The Most Expensive Escorts In The World.

Expensive Escorts. TOP 10 The Most Expensive Escorts In The World.

The most ancient profession has many versions: maintenance, geishas, call girls, prostitutes. And it not the same! There is a huge difference between the woman on the highway and that that will come to you for several thousands of dollars. The most popular pornstars in the world, the most elite girls earn the five-digit sums in a night. Many of such prostitutes become as a result pornstars or just gain media popularity. You look top-10 the most expensive escort in the world:

TOP 10 The Most Expensive Escorts In The World.

Zahia Dehar photo



Zahia Dehar
–¬†1200¬†dollars for night In¬†a¬†month¬†get¬†more¬†than¬†32¬†000¬†dollars.¬†Has¬†several¬†rich¬†sponsors¬†to¬†whom¬†she¬†provides¬†the¬†company.¬†Has¬†been¬†involved¬†in¬†scandal¬†with¬†football¬†players¬†of French¬†national¬†team¬†on¬†soccer.¬†It¬†is¬†similar¬†to¬†a¬†Barbie¬†doll.




loredana-jolie photo

Loredana Jolie
‚Äď 2 000 dollars/evening. Loredana is one of women who was seen with Tiger Woods. According to the photo it is visible that she spends the most part of money for plastic surgeries.





just Kassandra

Just Kassandra

‚Äď 3 000 dollars in an evening. It is an elite escort and she accepts only clients who are pleasant to her. Usually meets them personally and solves whether she wants to work with them. On web pages tells what likes to travel and meet people from the highest classes.






Ashley Dupre (Kristen)

Ashley Dupre (Kristen)
‚Äď 4 300 dollars in an evening. Perhaps, you heard about scandal with the governor Eliot Shpitser in the USA. He has been caught that was a client of Emporer’s Club VIP in whom he met the girl by the name of Kristen. In six months before to be caught, he has spent 15 thousand dollars in this club. By hearsay the governor has spent 80 000 dollars for an escorts.





TOP 5 The Most Expensive Escorts

Ms.-Maya-Blue photo

Miss Maya Blue 

– 4 500 dollars in a night. She has website with the prices and photos. Mai has published the tour trips and will organize meetings on US territory. Now has publish dates in Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Toronto and Palm Springs.






Ava Xi’an
‚Äď 6 500 dollars in an evening. Ksian is the former agent of the real estate in New York. She says that she became escort when her father has got sick and had to perform on him expensive heart operation. He had no health insurance, and it has begun to earn money to help him. Earnings of 45000 dollars a week.






Natalie-McLennanNatalie McLennan

‚Äď 16 000 dollars in an evening. She was known as escort number one in New York. The New York magazine was declared her the most expensive prostitute in the city with the official cost of 2000 an hour. At last, when she was arrested for money laundering, she has written the book.



Lauren photo


‚Äď 24 000 dollars in an evening. Lauren is anonymous, but her service are available on some websites. She is known at men’s forums.



Expensive Escorts

The best girls in Cannes
‚Äď 40000 dollars at night. The Cannes Film Festival takes 10-14 days in May and also together with stars of cinema the most elite escorts from all France will gather. The best of them can earn 40 000 dollars for one night! They are employed for the solid sums for several days or weeks. Serve as decoration on yachts and in the VIP clubs which are rented several months prior to a festival.


Michel Brown

Michel Brown
‚Äď 50 000 dollars in an evening. She is the head of agency which offers girls. She is a woman who has created famous madam of Hollywood – Heydi Flyays. Provides escort girls for Tiger Woods.

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